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The range of products and services at TMT EXPO covers the most stages of the process of creating textile products - from designing, printing, cutting, CAD / CAM systems, through production preparation  to the technological production itself.
In addition, the following sectors will be represented: textile logistics, pressing, ironing, finishing, testing, internal material flow, quality assurance, laundry and dry cleaning equipment. 

The focus of 2019 will be on machinery and materials for the clothing and knitwear industry. 

Country investment advantages in the textile industry

  • Bulgaria’s strategic geographic location in Southeastern Europe and its European Union (EU) membership provide locally-registered companies with a market of more than 500 million potential clients.
  • The access to such an enormous market is supported by the five Pan-European transport corridors that pass Bulgaria, the five international airports and the 64 river and sea ports in the country.
  • Bulgaria offers a low corporate and personal tax rate of 10%, favorable labor costs, modern office space and favorable office rents as well as low utility expenses.
  • Bulgaria has long traditions and experience in the textile and clothing field, dating back to the end of the 19-th century.
  • The interest of foreign investors from Europe, China and Turkey to the establishment of enterprises in the country has grown in the recent years.
  • 75% of Bulgarian textile companies have plans to invest in equipment, facilities, training and software infrastructure in next years

TMT EXPO advantages

  • TMT EXPO is a gate to the textile market in Bulgaria and the region
  • TMT EXPO provides excellent business environment for meeting new clients and    exchange ideas and good practices with the professionals in the sector
  • Participating at TMT EXPO provides an analysis of the market situation as well as opportunity to penetrate new markets
  • TMT EXPO contributes to the development of the sector in SEE.


Product groups 2019:

  • Design, product development, automation technology
  • Preparation and organization of production
  • Manufacturers and importers of natural and synthetic fibers
  • Manufacturers and importers of textile materials (fabrics, yarns, accessories, auxiliary materials)
  • Creation and distribution of designs, graphics, prints (drawings)
  • Printed Textile Technologies
  • Cutting and automation technologies
  • Mixing, tuning and preparation for production
  • Spinning machines
  • Textile machines
  • Knitted machines
  • Finishing textile processes
  • Knitting technologies
  • Embroidery technologies
  • Stitching, joining and fastening technologies, automation technologies
  • Sewing, binding and fastening materials, technical apparel accessories, household and home textiles
  • Product processing and finishing
  • Laboratory analysis and testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recycling of materials
  • Internal flow of materials
  • Textile logistics
  • Information technology and specialized software
  • Services, consulting and training
  • Media
  • Research, development and education


Visitors’ profile 2018:


31% - Manufacturers of functional clothing

14% - Distributors and traders, engineers, mechanics, technologists

11% - Home textile manufacturers - bed linen, towels, terry towelling, tablecloths

5% - Upholstery manufacturers for home, office, car

4% - Bulgarian and foreign investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the textile industry wholesale /retail sectors

4% - Textile Designers

4% - Manufacturers of safety equipment

4% - Manufacturers of fabrics

4% - Services sector

3% - Manufacturers in leather and haberdashery sectors

3% - Processors of textile and flexible materials

3% - Manufacturers of sporting goods and outdoor equipment

3% - Manufacturers of textiles, safety ropes and networks for transportation and warehousing activities

3% - Research institutes and universities, vocational high schools for clothing and textiles

2% - Manufacturers of non-woven textiles

2% - Filter and packaging manufacturers

ТМТ експо



ТМТ експо

ТМТ експо