Bulgaria 1000 Sofia, 201, Rakovska Str.

BEA VISION Ltd was established in 1990 and already for 28 years now has been carrying out production, wholesale and retail of Bulgarian and imported consumables and accessories for the sewing industry, namely: buttons, tapes, needles, zippers, elastic, laces, threads, etc.                                          

The products that the company realizes are distinguished by high quality of workmanship, contemporary fashion design, being up-to-date, extremely rich range of models, sizes and colours.

 BEA VISION Ltd has over the years been specializing in producing and selling buttons, keeping in stock quantities, models and colours necessary for the smooth operation of our customers. Recently we put our emphasis on buttons made of natural materials such as mother of pearl, corrosion, horn, wood, coconut, urea, and others.

 In the cities of Plovdiv and Pleven we have our own offices.

 Our company exports mainly to Germany, Albania, Romania and Macedonia.


+359 2 988 25 43
+359 898 58 25 43