Bulgaria 69 Saedinenie Bld. Haskovo City
A 15

Arma-Da Bulgaria Ltd is manufacturer and supplier of Laces, with the factory being located on the main road between Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad.

Ou company has been founded as an affiliate company of Arma-Da Tekstil Turkey, who is and has been a reputable company since 2002 in Turkey with stable, reliable, sustainable supply of Laces, with the effective management of stocks through a well organized production. 

The main categories of Laces are Fabric Laces mainly with content of Cotton yarns, of which our company is very well known, while polyester yarns are also used, and also many types of Trimming Laces are provided in rigid or elastic, and with yarn content being cotton, polyester and nylon.

We have a wide variety of designs in all categories of Laces, supported by well managed stocks both in Turkey and Bulgaria and as well with our 60 pieces of Lace producing machines, enabling prompt and smooth deliveries to our clients. In both factories of Bulgaria and Turkey, we keep stocks of over than 1 million meters of around 170 designs, and over 10 million meters of various types of Trimming Laces.


+359889 427806