Bulgaria 1373 Sofia, Zapaden park, bl.105 SINCHEC
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BOMI BORISOV Ltd. is a private company established in 1993. For the past more than 25 years the company has established itself on the Bulgarian market and is now an undisputed leader in the trade of sewing materials. We have a wide assortment of quality items imported from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, China, India and other countries on stock. We also carry out specialized individualised orders with as short delivery time as possible. We have our own transport and provide delivery on site for bigger orders! The import for each season is in line with the latest fashion trends.

The company's office has a reliable broadband Internet connectivity. All this ensures perfect communication and makes it easy to work with all of our counterparties.


+359 888 800 285; +359 2 9310 453;