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Orbel 2001 AD is the only producer of zippers and Velcro in Bulgaria under the license and using the technology of famous European companies: Optilon – Germany, Muller and Thies – Switzerland

The company produces all the basic types of zippers:

  • Metal teeth zippers
    • Coil zippers
    • Die-cast teeth zippers

Velcro in widths:

  • 20, 25, 50 and 100 mm.

What is the advantage of working with us

  • You will be served by a team with old traditions for whom the word “CLIENT” and “QUALITY” are inextricably linked
    • Fast and accurate execution of your order
    • There are no “LARGE” and “SMALL” clients for us
    • Dimensions are accurate to 0.5 centimetres
    • Colour of choice as per your sample
    • Upon being given a larger order, we can produce a plate on the basis of your sample or your company logo


+359 751 605 40
087 710 24 65
zippers@abv.bg; orbel_2001@abv.bg