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PEVIKOM operates in the textile and footwear sector, advertising and interior design sectors, designing and manufacturing shoelaces, cords for shopping bags, braided threads for industrial and hand stitching and elastics with different finishes and a variety of braids, colours and sizes, for the footwear, garment making, lingerie, curtain making, blinds and fashion jewellery industries, using high quality natural and synthetic raw materials.

The company was founded in 1994, and has devotedly been gaining know-how in the threads sector for 20 years. The production of shoelaces was introduced in 1996 to accompany the production of laces and braided threads for industrial and hand stitching.

PEVIKOM works with numerous footwear companies (manufacturers and wholesalers) on the local and international markets, as well as producers from various sectors – garments, lingerie, accessories, blinds, curtains, polygraphs etc.

PEVIKOM imports its raw materials from Western Europe and Turkey and works with established manufacturers of cotton, polypropylene, polyester and polyamide with guaranteed quality and fixed standards for texture, colour and smoothness of the fibers.

The company’s main goals have always been to provide  its customers with the highest standards of quality and service and to continue expanding its product range, adapting its production techniques to the demands and requirements of the market environment.


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