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Ruen Maschinary is the exclusive representative of leading German manufacturers of machines, spare parts and consumables for the textile, automotive, food and medical industries. Ruen Maschinary provides well-organized service and offers competent warranty and post warranty maintenance.

We are the official representative for Bulgaria of the following companies:

 Kuris – spreading and cutting technology, Germany

Veit Group – fusing machines, laminating, ironing tables and pressing machines, steam generators, finishing equipment, folding tables, pants finisher, stain removing tables, Germany

Duerkopp-Adler – industrial sewing machines, sewing automats and special sewing units/machines for garment industry, home upholstery, automotive, technical textile and leather, Germany

ZSK – embroidery automats, Germany

Strobel - blind stitch machines, over edge seam machines and technically complex special machines, Germany

AMF Reece – decorative hand stitching machines, automatic sewing machines for small details on a template and imitation sleeve buttonhole machine, Germany

Veith System – industrial pin tables, Germany

System Brilka – pressing machines for collars and cuffs, edge creaser, pocket press, breast welt creaser and shirt folding tables, Germany

Union Special – special machines for bag making and bag closing

Framis Italia - heat-welding and heat press machines. Big range of one-side and two-side adhesive films and tapes, Italy

Fortuna -  skiving and splitting machines for leather, synthetics, rubber, paper and technical textiles, Germany

Jumag - innovative energy-saving systems for pure steam production, Germany

Madeira – high quality embroidery threads, backings and toppings for embroidery, Germany

Alterfil - innovative sewing threads, Germany
Groz Beckert - sewing-machine needles, Germany
Trecolan –  cover materials and special pads for ironing presses and -table, Germany
Maier – spare parts for sewing machines, band knives, straight-knives, circular knives and knives for cutting machines, Germany


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