Last generation laser cutting with SUMMA L1810

For the second consecutive year TMT Expo will provide a professional platform for the textile industry in Bulgaria, bringing together innovations in materials, machinery and technology in the sector. Among the participants we will meet again Totem group. The company will deploy on their stand last generation machines, among which the laser engraving systems SUMMA L1810.

The innovative machine is equipped with VISION camera technology, which scans the contours of the printed fabric and cuts on them without the need for additional cutting file. "These systems are ideal for cutting (polyester) textiles", commented from the company.

The company's representatives reminded that earlier in the year SUMMA launched on the market a whole new series of laser cutting systems. Unlike the other SUMMA machines, featuring cold cutting of the material, the new laser systems offer a  contactless method of cutting with high precision therefore being ideal for textiles. They are especially suitable for sportswear, fashion, and home décor.

The advantages

The main advantage of contactless cutting is the lack of displacement or pulling of the material. This is particularly important when working with elastic or delicate materials, such as sports garments. In addition, SUMMA laser systems cut on the contour – i.e. they can work without a cutting file, saving precious time. The result is achieved through the Vision technology developed jointly by SUMMA and CadCam Technology. It allows the cutting of a whole roll without operator’s intervention. The system quickly scans the material for contours and automatically produces a cutting vector for. Then it is proceeded to the process itself, and the result is proper sealed edges - without winding off. Thanks to the lack of markers for cutting, the details can be typed closer to each other; And this in turn reduces the cost of material.

SUMMA is equipped with a new-generation conveyor and motorized feeder for the textile rolls. They provide continuous production, and an automatic fault detection system ensures that defects are not allowed. The implementation of the machine in the production provides a clean working environment free of dust and smoke – thanks to the internal extraction system.

The L1810 model has a working width of 1860 mm and is aimed at several basic applications and covers the standard used width of the textile rolls for them - sports outfits, swimwear, fashion and technical textiles. The lasers are available with several different capacities – 50, 100, 120, 250 W.  The machine is suitable especially for artificial fabrics and for some natural materials.

Totem Group will present their  systems SUMMA L1810 from 25 to 27 September in Hall 2, Stand B1 at TMT Expo 2019.