Smart products invade the textile sector

The first edition of TMT Expo, from 2nd to 4th October, reveals the properties and advantages of modern fabrics

Clothes react to heat and light. The materials are smart and the fabrics are high-tech, for all tastes. If you are asking yourself if all this is true, our short answer is – yes! How and why this is happening – find out in the lines below. They are dedicated to the latest technologies and innovative fabrics, to be presented from 2nd to 4th October at Inter Expo Centre-Sofia. This is when the first edition of TMT Expo will be held – the international exhibition for materials, machinery and technologies in the textile industry.

They are smart, they are intelligent

Without wasting time, we head for the smart sector of modern materials and fabrics at TMT Expo. Our gaze is held by a next-generation product – smart yarns from Bulgaria-Tex. They are thermochromic, photochromic and thermoregulating, with a controlled length of the coloured section.

Another eye-catching product is the light-reflective threads Reflex Cry, which ensure safe working conditions. This is achieved through their light-reflective properties, creating bright reflections. The light reflection effect has been achieved by microscopic glass pearls integrated in polymer coating.


Just like everything in the modern world, the fabrics and the process of creating them are high-tech. This is confirmed by the multi-functional fabric from Colortex-design. It has two faces, manufactured from two different materials – organic cotton and merino (polyester of recycled origin). The end product is anti-bacterial, soft and gentle to the skin. Creating comfort at home or in the hotel room is easier with the wide range of offers from PROTO for mattress, cotton and viscose fabrics with digital reactive print.

It looks like embroidery… In reality, it the textured fabric Step, presented by Botexim, applicable in embroidering large monochromic surfaces. It can be used as a base for applications, logos and emblems.

Many and for any taste

Let’s take another look behind the scenes and see what is hidden there… We are met by Fintexstil’s knitted fabrics. Using high-performance equipment, the company manufactures fabrics from cotton, polyester yarns and blends and their derivatives with lycra. Colourful and modern fabrics presented by ColorTex-Design. The company develops technologies in knitting with circular knitting machines with specific yarns and blends.  The company also focuses on innovative projects in the knitting of bamboo yarns and blends. Stylish and fashionable patterns presented by Dira Design, working with leading world brands.

To meet customer requirements, Yuta manufactures nonwoven textile both for industrial production and for end users. The company presents nonwoven textile products, among which: pillows, lightweight duvets, futons, mattress protectors, etc. During TMT Expo, ALES will present a wide range of knitted fabrics. With the possibilities of sublimation printing, the carpet by Aglika Trade brings individuality to the front of designing your home, office, or hotel.

And one more thing

Naturally, since they are exposed to various factors on a daily basis, textile products need high-quality labels. In order to answer the trends and demand of the textile industry in this field, SIGNAL company demonstrates its capacities for textile label printing. A company logo, instructions and logo, and any other information accompanying the product can be printed on the labels. For the clothing industry, “Kaseva Cheshma” company presents a full range of hangers.

And to make the experience even more complete, the organizers of TMT Expo have taken care to create an exceptionally colourful environment. This will certainly be enhanced by the exhibition held in parallel – the only exhibition in the country dedicated to printing and advertising– COPIS.

This concludes our short tour behind the scenes of TMT Expo, which will reveal the trends in modern materials and fabrics from 2d to 4th October at Inter Expo Centre. The latest information can be found on the exhibition’s website,