Reflex Cry reflective thread for safe labour

A better quality and safer working environment needs quality materials. TMT Expo will be the place where Botexim will present the Reflex Cry reflective thread.

The product can be used for embroidery, clothes and uniforms. Its reflective properties create shining reflections which protect by improving the conditions for safety at work.

The reflective effect of the thread is achieved by microscopic glass beads embedded in a polymer coating wrapping the polyamide core. Retroreflection occurs when a reflective material returns accidental light emission to a large degree irrespectively of the orientation of the reflector to the source of the light emission.

Poly Flash Embroidery Thread

The focus of Botexim's presentation will also be the Poly Flash embroidery thread. It is a hybrid among polyester threads! The thread combines the properties and appearance of polyester, viscose and metal. POLY FLASH is durable and resistant to chlorine like polyester (POLY), it has the soft silk shine of the viscose (SULKY) and brilliant glow of metallized threads (METY). The appearance of POLY FLASH is sparkling like a metal, the effect being similar to wrought iron, dry and glossy, the type used for retro/vintage styles.

The thread is intended for use in embroidering garments that require the use of chlorine-resistant threads, and when the use of viscous threads is impractical.

All of Botexim's proposals can be found in Hall 1, Stand C10.