Fintextil's Knitted Fabrics

Of high quality and applicable for the creation of a variety of products. Such are the knitted fabrics of Fintextil, which the company will present during the first edition of the TMT Expo from 2 to 4 October at Inter Expo Center.

Following the major trends in the textile industry, the company uses high-tech machinery and equipment. The fabrics are distinguished for their quality and the demand for them spans both the domestic market and in the EU and the Balkan region markets.

The company produces fabrics of cotton, polyester yarn and blends and their derivatives with lycra. They are suitable for making a long list of products, including sportswear, clothes and underwear, household and technical articles in the textile and other light industry sectors.

The knitted fabrics by Fintextil can be found in Hall 4, Stand C6.