Yarns are smart now and of new generation

There is hardly a memory of such a technological reality in human history as the one we are now living in. Evidence of this can be found in every aspect of human activity, including the textile industry. The materials are now of a new generation and the yarns are smart; Yes, indeed.  This is evidenced by the innovative yarn created by Bulgaria-Tex.

The company has developed yarns with thermochromic, photochromic and thermoregulatory features which have a controlled length of the dyed area. The smart yarns designed for hand and machine knitting will be presented from 2 to 4 October at TMT Expo.

Yarns can be used extensively in fashion and artistic projects. They have an innovative design ensuring coating and application of thermochromic and photochromic agents on different textile yarns – viscose, polyamide, cotton, mixed wool, silk, etc. with a controlled dye length. Thermochromic coatings change the color of the yarn as a result of a heat reaction, after which the yarn restores its previous color. Photochromia allows the color of the yarn to change when irradiated with solar or ultraviolet light.

The thermoregulation of the yarn is provided by chemical agents with a cooling, heating or thermoregulating effect. Along with its smart offers, Bulgaria-Tex will also introduce its yarns for hand-knitting from natural blends. They are one-colour and multi-colored, with a controlled length of each of the dyes of the color combination to achieve certain effects when knitting the finished product.

All of the company's products can be found in Hall 4, Stand B5.